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My name is Daniel P. Foganholi Sr, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for school board to continue the fight as your District 1 representative. As a first-generation American, my parents immigrated from Brazil to pursue the American dream of providing a brighter future for their family. Raised in South Florida, I have proudly called Broward my home since 1997. Alongside my wonderful wife, Alyssa, we are joyfully raising our lively toddler, Daniel Jr., and our precious baby girl, Mila Giuseppina.



I prioritize transparency and accountability in Broward County's education system, setting a standard for trust and ethical governance. Keep championing these principles for a more effective and trustworthy educational environment.


Being the only active school board member serving on the MSD safety commission, not only is safety in Broward County a top priority, it is a priority for every single school across the state. It is important for us to never be complacent with our standards and make sure that Broward County leads.


Focus on our kids, their safety and their education. Not only allow but encourage parents to get involved and take part. We need to work on making our schools the best and safest in the State. 

"I believe that Broward needs bold leadership to move the district forward. We have potential to be the best school district in the nation."

-Daniel P. Foganholi Sr.

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