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Broward County Space Day

CBS MIAMI - Some Broward students got an out-of-this-world experience Friday.

It was all part of Space Day Broward. Students at Rock Island Elementary School learned they can be anything they want to be through an interactive, space-themed celebration.

The students really seemed to enjoy the experience.

"It's great and amazing and I'm super excited about going to space," said student Miranda Delva.

The event was hosted by Blue Origin's non-profit Club for the Future, in cooperation with STEM2Hub and Space Florida. "We are going to be telling them different things about outer space. We have engineers, we have astronauts, but we are going to be getting them really pumped up and they are going to be getting postcards. They are going to be making postcards that are going to outer space and then come back. So they are going to have souvenirs from outer space," said Daniel Foganholi, Broward School Board Member with District 5.

Event organizers say that sometimes students have to see it, to believe it. Friday a room full of bright minds saw themselves as part of something great.

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